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Help Me

Savoring my days with this little sweet heart. I was in the kitchen this morning and heard her whimpering in my bedroom followed by her little voice that seemed to say, "Help me!" Her hands were filled with her special Bullseye horse and probably three pacifiers she wouldn't relinquish with half her body hanging off the bed. Usually she'd use her hands to grip the sheets and slowly lower herself down but with her hands filled she was stuck and needed help.
Her situation pretty much explains my life for the last while. I know how to do things or why I need to do things but I often feel stuck or have a firm hold on things I don't want to give up to achieve what I want.
One example is that I get discouraged every Sunday when I try on my church dresses and only my pregnancy skirt fits from my recent miscarriage. It's silly that this simple thing sends me off in such deep discouragement and dislike of my body I'm going to church to thank my Lord for giving me…

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