Ready for Change

People keep asking me if I'm ready for California... and the answer is, sure. Am I ever ready, for anything? That's the thrill of living - the suspense of change, the heartbreak of leaving relationships and objects and careers behind and the brave acceptance of what's ahead. Life will be different, as it usually is. And I look forward to celebrating it all with Jesse. 

I'm ready to feel the warm sun on my skin. I feel that it will heal part of me. It will give me energy. It will help me stick to new eating habits and foster exercise and movement. 

I'm ready to see a doctor and get professional advise on how to deal with my autoimmune disease. I want to heal my body so that I can be the best wife I can be, a more willing sister and daughter, and hopefully one day, a mother. 

I'm ready to serve my fellow men, develop new talents, explore new corners of the earth, and eat all the Mexican food I can find (gluten, dairy, and sugar free of course). 

This change has  already shattered my heart into a million grateful pieces. I am surrounded by strong, diligent men and women who teach me and laugh with me and forgive me.  I am married to a very sincere, funny, loving man who works hard every day to progress in goals and is so good at enjoying life. I have an education, varied work experience, a testimony in God and Jesus Christ, and a faith that will not lead us astray. 

So I think I am ready. 

^ last day at Orchard Securities with Janean and Jessica, two ladies I'll miss laughing and working with.

music: Stay Alive, Jose Gonzalez


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