crazy things we do

There's a few things we/I do that at first glance are a little crazy. For example:

A) we wash our clothes in a portable washing machine. It hooks up to the sink faucet and thirty or so minutes later we hang dry in our apartment. Much more convenient than a laundry-mat. 

B) I oil pull. Which means I swish coconut oil around in my mouth for twenty minutes, twice a day. And then floss and brush although that's not really needed. Guys, this is amazing. Weird and amazing. My teeth are stronger, whiter, and no morning bad breath. I also use coconut oil as face wash & lotion and body lotion and sunscreen. 

C) we go to Ikea at 8 pm and buy furniture. We've been without a couch for a month and made do but really missed it. Isn't it beautiful? Oh and we had to take everything out of the boxes to fit in the car. Of course we had it build it all which lasted till 11 pm. 

D) green smoothies with kale and chia seeds. Yep I'm on that boat of believers. 


Oh and today marks one year of knowing Jesse! We met march 20th at Shannon's lasagna party. Amazing what can happen in a year.


  1. I've wanted to try oil pulling so bad! But I don't think I could swish for 20 minutes—how hard is it? I can barely do mouthwash for 1 minute.

    Also, I didn't know you met Jesse on March 20th. That means it was only a few days after I saw you in Utah before meeting Chase's parents and we discussed the horribleness of single wards (esp. in Utah). How funny.

  2. That was a year ago?! So crazy. I've been missing you lately. Kelsey (cousin Andy's wife) is heading down to San Diego at the end of June and was originally planning on driving down and asked if I could come along. I was looking into it, but then she bought plane tickets instead. So tempting! Are you guys coming up to AK in August?

    Also, oil pulling. Thumbs up. I have a dentist appt today so we'll see what he says! Love you.


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