Juan, line one. Juan, line one.

Driving, walking, biking, or scootering through these parts of California welcomes the most pleasant smells of my life- rivaling the salty, rustic air of Anchorage, the pine, mountain air of American Fork Canyon, or the humid African air of Sardegna. San Diego smells like eucalyptus trees, fresh cut grass and shrubs, peppermint, orchid, and honeysuckle flowers. 

Eric and I drove into downtown San Diego around one A.M. and a flood of childhood memories arrived with us, largely in thanks to the misty rain. California rain, I love you. 

Contrast that with the cigarette scent seeped into the popcorn ceiling of our studio apartment- well yeah, it's nasty. I have our wall of windows open to welcome that  California air inside. I bought scent plugins for corners of our place in hopes of help. But I know, I know, the smoke infested popcorn ceiling is here to stay. Before we got here a guy came to zap away all the smoke scents and I'm sure he was mostly effective. So here's my plea to you, what else can I do to mask or rid the place of cigarette smoke? Eric and I think bleaching the ceiling may help. 

Apart from that, this studio of ours feels like home and I am so grateful for that. 

I'm grateful for Shannon and Eric for helping me move like a pro. And I'm grateful to everyone else who offered but I was too stubborn to accept it. I'm grateful that Shannon is my wise older sister and Eric is my wise younger brother. I'm blessed to be in the middle of both of them. Shannon blazed through all my boxes and took the majority of them down our flight of stairs and to the truck- workout! And Eric organized the truck so everything was tied into place and fit like a Tetris puzzle. He then was a machine and drove all 12 or 13 hours!! I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep my eyes open for the last hour. He's a champ and I loved his help and company. Also his mad photography skills, seen below.

Jesse secured the place and fixed the maintenance issues before we arrived. He scoured the stores for food I can eat and stocked the pantry and fridge for us. He's a champ and seeing him after a week of not is just the best. I need to find a job so I can stay as busy as he is. I'm grateful that he gets to start his career and help people start their own careers; I'm most grateful of all for this. God is good. And working your tail off to achieve goals is good too. I couldn't be prouder of my man.

The drop off place for the Penske truck was next door to Deseret Industries, Jesse's job, so Eric and I decided to go in and see his new digs. That place is teeny tiny and the most well organized D.I. I've ever seen. While perusing through the ladies clothes the intercom came on, "Juan, line one, Juan, line one." Classic - near the border experience. Eric mentioned he is a little outnumbered in these parts as he is blond hair, blue eyed. 

I'm loving this adventure already. 

**** update: I'm at the library, bumming off the internet and searching for jobs. This morning I started bleaching the ceiling but it was impossible and I failed. So I bleached the walls, cabinets, and doors until my fingers were raw and that seemed to help! Still open to suggestions for getting rid of smoke smells... 

Sunday evening we went to the beach and walked down the pier. Eric took these amazing pictures. Do you all want to come visit us now? :)


  1. This is Eden by the way! Do you know if they repainted and deep cleaned the carpet? If not, get that done! You can also get an air purifier and place saucers of ammonia/vinegar around the house. I read that one person put a few drops of essential oil on the rim of the vents to spread through the house. Also, be sure to change all your filters! Good luck!


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