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I'm not a cryer. Jesse and I laugh all the time about how he is the more emotional one in the relationship. But yesterday and today tears have been so close to the surface. I've been trying to understand what it is that is on my mind but really I think it goes back to my undergrad thesis- the idea of being out or in a place. Currently I'm identifiying with being "out of place." Also thanks to my thesis, I understand there are things I can do to feel "in place." Like socialize, exercise, adventure, and bond with my surrounding locations and people. My Relief Society president came over with flowers and a great conversation happened about Gluten Free eating. Such a blessing.

But still. Moving is hard. And having dietary restrictions is hard. And being job less is hard. And man this is so depressing to read and write. 

Want to see pictures of our place? We're still figuring out where somethings should go and need to hang pictures and paintings but it feels like home and I'm grateful. 

So this is what you see when you enter the door. In the corner right is our large wire shelves and a closet. It's a huge space just waiting for a couch. Some day...

To the left of the entry is the kitchen and my bike. Also on that wall to the right is another small wire shelf and our portable washing machine- which is amazing.

And on the other side of the bookshelf divider is our bed, large windows facing the road, closets on the opposite wall, and the bathroom.

Pretty sweet right? It works for us, for now. And it's home. 

My cousin Angela lives about 45 minutes away and is busy with tax season but my aunt Susan and cousin Lisa were in town so I called them and we met up at Coronado Island. Goodness that place is amazing and it was fun to see familiar faces and have great conversations. We had lunch at the Burger Lounge and walked down the beach afterwards. We sat and watched Navy planes and jets fly by in unison. The Coronado Hotel is enchanting. And it all feels like such a luxory to have nearby. 

So yeah. Life is working itself out as it always does. And I got those tears out so we're on the up and up. 

X Layne


  1. Oh Layne I know how you feel. It doesn't help that you just got married in addition to all these new changes. Don't get me wrong—marriage is wonderful isn't it? But it's just one more change that adds to the stress and the unfamiliarity and the challenges.

    At least the weather is nice, right? That makes this better, in my opinion.

    I'm on spring break starting Monday. Let's chat sometime this week? I miss your voice. I'm going to be in Newport Beach with Chase on Tuesday/Wednesday but other than that I'm completely free. Or, you know, you could totally come visit me :]

    Love you girl. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. I love you. Jesse loves you. The Lord loves you. You will bloom in your new surroundings because that is what you do, Layne. You live a life in bloom. This is how I know you will be okay.


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