So close to Mexico

The border is only a couple miles from us. We live so close to Mexico and although I haven't been here long or seen everything there is, I definitly feel immersed in another land. People assume we speak Spanish and so that is usually the first language we hear. Spanish is always on advertisements. We bought an old school antenna to see if we could get any channels to watch and 15 of the found 17 were Spanish, seemingly strait out of Mexico. Most of the congregation in our ward are Hispanic too. We rode the scooter to the beach the other day and when I looked to my left I saw the big hill in more clearity; it is covered in buildings and homes and even from a distance it looks so different from our structures. Oh hello, Tijuana. It's amazing to be immersed in another culture, and as previously experienced, it can be a bit isolating too. I'm grateful Jesse is my best friend and adventure cohort. I'm sure we'll see and experience quite a lot. 

Also, Shannon graciously gave us two tickets on a 2 hour boat harbor cruise!! We went on Friday, Jesse's day off and had a blast. San Diego has so much history and seeing the Navy prowess was quite intimidating and awesome. Those ships are huge and the powerful helicopters were buzzing all around as well. We clapped as a ship returned from sea and all those marines waved back. Hello America, I'm so grateful to you. 


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