We have internet!!! It's like the world has opened back up in a way. I also love how when we don't have internet we read all the time. We finally decided it's worth the money to help me in my job pursuit. Also, let's be real, Jesse missed his Portland Timbers games. 

But we don't spend all our time in front of the tube. Jesse's parents came to visit and shop around for a place they may want to invest in and retire someday- it's been Clereece's dream to live in these parts for many many years and it's exciting that it's actually happening. We took them to Coronado Island where we saw this amazing sandcastle, we walked around the Gaslamp district, Old Town, and even the zoo. They stayed in the Westin downtown and also the Sheraton on the bay which had this spectacular view of the city, bay, and marina. We love having Randy and Cleerece in town and look forward to all their visits. 

Twice now Jesse has taught me how to ride the scooter. I'm getting pretty good at it and picked it up pretty fast! I finally took it on a very short strip of road and missed my turn off back into the parking lot- pretty sure Jesse thought I was leaving him in the dust. Now I want a Vespa ;)

My aunt Susan is visiting again and it's been really fun getting to know her and spend time with family. I went to Women's conference with her and Angela and had the best Mexican Food with a mariachi band playing in the background. Last week though Susan and I went to the temple and had a great experience. 

Today, after slowly building up my pantry so it's not one big expensive hit, I finally feel like I have things to make good paleo friendly meals. I made a recipe from this fantastic book called Against All Grain. Sandwich bread with no gluten or dairy. Shut up, right? It's really good and I'm happy to eat it all. 

Also, I gave a talk in church on Sunday. The subject was President Uchtdorf's Priesthood Session talk on sleeping through the Restoration. It was a great talk to study and I encourage you to do so as well. I was nervous to give the talk as I didn't feel like I had any real talk to give, just a bunch of disjointed ideas, but it came together really well and once again, I'm so grateful. 

x layne



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