Visitors, Birthdays and Mishaps

How's about a little photo dump?

Dad came to visit and boy howdy was it nice! We dined at the most amazing restaurant overlooking the bay and basically just enjoyed each others company. I'm so grateful for my dad and his generous spirit and listening ear. He is a wealth of wisdom we appreciate his ideas and experience. His visit was short but sweet. Come back when you can stay longer!
Jesse's mission friend & wife, Justin and Carlina came to visit as well! Carlina is super pregnant and had never been on an airplane!! What? Unfortunately she didn't enjoy the flights so much but I think they had a good time visiting. They treated us to the Padres game which while boring, was fun to attend. Haha. The stadium is beautiful and what's more American than cracker jacks and the seventh inning song? 

We also attended the temple and took the opportunity to take cheesy pictures. Love that man of mine. We love attending this temple and remembering our own covenants to each other and Heavenly Father. Also, how gorgeous is it at night?! 

Both of our birthdays have come and gone as well. Jesse gave me the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty which can I say is a masterpiece!! I love that movie a lot a lot and it's all thanks to Shannon for inviting me to see it with her. I'm wanting to buy the soundtrack to it so I can be inspired all day long. For Jesse's birthday we splurged and bought a fantastic bike. Jesse says it's his first bike that isn't from Toy's R Us. haha! He is so happy on that bike and I'm glad we have another activity we can adventure on together. Although I'll be honest, it takes a little bit of his prodding for me to go on bike rides. With being so exhausted all the time I'm not always willing to be active but that's one reason why I love the guy- he gets me out and about. We rode to downtown Chula Vista and cycled around the amphitheater and past quincenera dress shops and bakeries, then around charming old neighborhoods, tucked away from crime and busy streets. 

I babysat two little girls in the ward the other night and they're parents have this awesome technique! The littlest is a bit of a spitfire and they're trying to help her distinguish between her actions. "Toes and Noes" to the wall, any wall. Isn't that brilliant. Anywhere they go, if needs be, they can say "Timeout" and she'll go. And then shortly later she comes back and apologies and we talk about what went wrong. I love it. I think it's so brilliant.

AND lastly, I flooded the bathroom. The draining tube from the portable washer popped out of the tube and flooded everything. I mopped it all up but it had seeped into the crevices so I then had to blow-dry it out so that it wasn't so intensely damaged. Bummer right? Also, please enjoy that silly face again. I need to learn another face. 

X Layne


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