Recents, mostly to the beach

My dear Sorella Mallory requested a blog post (she may be the only one that reads this) but I love her so, and so here goes another update. 

Kelsey Watson came to town with her cute kids, Drew and Emma. I love my cousins and seeing them filled my soul. So good. We went to my happy place: Coronado. Kelsey taught the kids how to buggie board and then we chatted about all the good things. I really loved it. Afterwards we went to Burger Lounge, another favorite and summer must. It was an all around perfect day. Two days later we met back up at the Padres game!! So great of her family to share their extra tickets and fun to see the classic American game of baseball. 

Jesse has been eyeing this Harley Davidson bike for quite some time. His eyes would light up when he'd talk about it. I always knew that one day he would want to graduate from the scooter to the motorcycle. And crazy as it may sound, I'd rather it that way too. Motorcycles have more control of the road, they're louder so other people can hear him, and a smoother ride. I've ridden with enough men to know a good one when I see it and Jesse is a stand up driver: cautious and aware, good speed, and smooth. Harley Davidson came out with this new platform of bikes for a starter bike and also urban. It's perfect for his 5 mile commute and totally within our budget and spending money. We bought the first one out of San Diego (it's a Street 500) and sold his scooter in order to pay for it. Jesse has stars in his eyes and I'm glad to see him so happy. 

The Schwabedissen parents came to town again! They stayed at the best spot in town to see the July 4th firework show and we spent the day relaxing and walking down the bay. The fireworks were awesome in every sense of the word. They shot off from four or five different barges in different ends of the bay as well as the other side of Coronado. 

When Jesse came home the other night I was a bit cranky and frustrated. Usually we hang it at home or go for a walk and watch the show Criminal Minds or Shark Tank but this night he knew exactly what i needed, the quick ten minute drive to Imperial Beach. We just sat in the sand and talked and watched kids and parents play in the waters the sun set in its own unique way and we left for home. I live for these little moments. 

My friend and Relief Society president, Jacqueline has a zoo membership and so she can take a friend for free! There is a new tiger exhibit at the Safari Zoo so she invited me to come the other day. How cute is this 4 month old gorilla baby on its moms back?! My parents took my brothers and I to this zoo when I was young and it's one of those standout memories. It was extra special to go back after all these years.

Jesse works two weeks on and then has two days off. So every few weeks we have a long weekend that we relish. He gets so worn out on this schedule so we make sure to do something fun and cheap- which means the beach. We went today and spent about five hours reading and seashell searching and wave jumping. I know these will be special memories one day. He works so hard and I appreciate his efforts to magnify his talents and serve other people. I should record his stories here sometime because he has some good ones. He found this purple, love, sand dollar today and thought that was pretty cool. 

How's that for an update? 



  1. Layne! Somehow I missed the memo when you moved to a new blog and only just discovered it. I love your updates and thoughts and photos, as always. I hope life in sunny CA is treating you well. XO

    1. Liz! Well I'm glad you found it! I absolutely still adore your blog and miss you un sacco. XO

  2. Well I read your blog here and I love your updates too :]

    1. you're the best :] you come back soon, right? I want to visit.


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