North, to the future! (Alaska's motto)

The last of the Watson kids, my awesome brother Seth, returned from his mission! He served a great two years on the islands of Tahiti and all of us were excited to see him. So much so that my parents generously flew us all home for the event. I haven't been home in three and a half years and Jesse had never been to Alaska. We flew up on Sunday and flew out the following Sunday.

Even though I didn't grow up, per say, in Alaska, I consider it home. My family moved there in the beginning of my Freshman year at BYU and so for the next three summers that's where I went to work and earn money for the following semesters. Alaska is where I met some of my best friends and explored Heavenly Father's greatest creations. My best friend, Blair, always says that Alaska heals. And I truly think it does. The fresh air, pure water, and untouched beauty is incredible.

So we flew in Sunday night and my awesome sisters came to welcome us. I love each of them and it's nice to have us all together, in the flesh, and not through a computer screen. Jesse came in about a half hour later so Mom, Dad, and Seth came to pick us up. Seth and I have always had a special friendship and I told him from the early Jesse days that they would get a long as well. So it was fun to see that play out through the trip. Arriving home was fun too. Our home was in it's perfect shape, with everything in order and beautiful.

Dad and everyone had planned a whole itinerary and it started at 8 sharp the next morning. We drove to Talkeetna, a small little village? township? up north but before Denali National Park. Where the five us us flew in a tiny plane around the majestic mountains. Our pilot took us all around Denali which was a special experience. We also landed at Don Sheldon's Amphitheater and ran around. Breathtaking and unique experience that was a highlight of the whole trip.

Seth was stoked for the ride and he got to be the copilot on our way home! So awesome. It's always stunning to travel from lush green trees to swamps, to hills, to mountains of glaciers.


This was our plane when we stopped at Don Sheldon's Amphitheater. 


Jesse was happy to knock me down as quickly as he could. I took him down with me though. Seth, Eric and Tabitha had a good snowball fight as well. 


I forget what this is called but it's when the ice under the ground bubbles up above and the river begins. Crazy how it just pops up, am I right?

After we landed all of us went on a Jet Boat tour with the owner himself! As we went up the river, the guide told us how he was the first to take a boat up back in the 70's. He told us about his homestead and fur trapping days and bear hunting stories. Fascinating and wild. Little Luke got a little tuckered out but it was amazing to see what troopers all the kids were. 


We saw bald eagles and their nest that has been in use for 20 years! Then stopped for a short walk to a Native settlement to see how they lived and protected their food. Also a fur trapper camp to see the same. I liked this drink set up and the traditional wood posts and mulch and flowers on the roof to keep it dry beneath. Would that be wild to have that in our backyard? So pretty and so historically Alaskan. 



  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. It looks amazing!

  2. Your trip looks amazing! Time with family is so good and I can only imagine that time in Alaska is renewing and restorative in a way that nothing else is. So happy that Seth is home!


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