Day Two: Denali National Park

After our Jet Boat excursion we made our way to the hotel near Mt. McKinley, another couple hour drive. The last fifty miles we drove with the convertible top down (we all drove in three cars) to wake us up a bit. Our Alaska entertainers were all the littles. Jacob (or as I call him- Iacopo, his old Italian name) was a sidekick for much of the trip but seriously, how cute is the bugger?

Miss Lizzie brings the fire and spunk. Such a social butterfly that is learning quickly how to work the system. When she smiles, you smile. And when she cries, you want to cry too. I think Grandpa Johnson would have attributed his little saying to her too, "dynamite comes in small packages."

We had dinner at the hotel restaurant which turned out to be less than pleasing but fun to be together and around one table.

There are a couple shops near the hotel and so afterwards Jesse, Seth, and I walked around and got the boys a subway to share as the dinner wasn't enough to fill their bellies. We enjoyed having some time with Seth and getting to know him again. What an awesome brother I have! By the time we headed back it was well past 11 pm but you could never tell by the light outside!

The next morning we headed to Denali and waited for our bus to leave. Jesse made a soccer ball with the trash in plastic sack and played a little game with the kids. We all ran around a bit and pointed at squirrels. The "school" bus came and we were off for our FOUR hour ride to one location and then the FOUR hour ride back. Along the way we witnessed the most awesome vistas and animals. Lizzie loved yelling out "caribou" whenever we saw them. There were also grizzly bears, moose, bald eagles, etc.

Glacier rivers! And beautiful Alaska mountains. We had an awesome view of Denali the whole day!

We capped off day 2 with pizza and took the long drive home to Anchorage.


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