Wildlife and Fox Island: four

After Alyeska we continued our drive south to Seward where we got on a boat and had a little wildlife day trip with a stop at Fox Island and lunch. We saw sea otters and puffins that look like penguins and even some whales. It's such a peaceful and fun trip that's sort of a must-do in Alaska. It was a rainy day so here's Jesse and Seth doing their best Titanic poses.

Dad ordered 1.5 pounds of fresh Alaskan King Crab that we could also eat at lunch at Fox Island. Most of us at our table tried it again and weren't the hugest fans so Jesse ended up eating about a pound. 

There's the best skipping rocks on the island and so we had a good time collecting and running around. 

Also, yes I'm aware that my glasses look a little large, especially in pictures like the selfie posted below. Blah. Glasses are hard to find.

And how handsome is my man? We make a good team. Also I just want to squeeze my nephews cheeks all day long. 


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