Jesse and I made a scary decision the other week- we decided I would quit my job as an assistant to a few sales reps. It's hard to take the financial hit and also readjust my goals and how I should be progressing. At the same time though, it's fun to create goals with Jesse, to support his career, and to work on my health.

In the Schwabedissen fashion, we've had some good times and adventures. For starters, we kept hearing about Torrey Pines National Park and we wanted to go check it out. People had also told us about some hikes so we went there and picked a random trail down to the beach. Once at the beach we realized it was a nude/gay beach and the only way out was back up the 400 stairs. Blah.

Afterwards we checked out this place all the Mexicans rave about at Jesse's work- and it was amazing. We got a ton of tacos and then a quesadilla (pictured with Jesse). So yum. I'm telling you, Mexican food is real here. I still feel like I live in Mexico, especially when I'm on the same street Jesse works at. At Costco the sample ladies automatically speak to you in Spanish, if that tells you anything.  Pictured below is from this past Friday, the beach was pretty empty but the sun was out (90 degrees) and waves were rolling. I love our beach days and outings together. We laughed through the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and pigged out on popcorn and soda. And tonight we're going to see the Mormon movie. Thank goodness for movie gift cards for fun date nights. I always feel like movies are such a splurge. 


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