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I feel the need to document our full life- at least the pictures taken and hopefully the words will follow. We moved homes this past November, on our one year wedding anniversary. Our studio apartment served as well and I think we'll always look back on our simple and happy life there. Jesse's parents have invested in a beautiful two bedroom, two bath, with garage, condo and we're renting it back from them. The luxuries of a kitchen table and washer/dryer are not lost on us and we're happy to have the extra room for hosting visitors. The move also meant a new ward, which has been more of an adjustment than anticipated, although we are grateful to still be near old friends. I teach Primary now, the four and five year olds, and mamma mia do I come home from church exhausted. They have such sweet hearts and curious minds and who doesn't love goldfish snacks? Jesse serves as the Elders quorum second counselor- we both feel there is so much growth in store for us and feel pretty humbled at the thought of it all. 

Jesse started his online master's program the first of January! It's through Western Governors University and focused on Management and Leadership. So far so good as it all plays into his interests and work habits. Although, again, we're in for a lot of growth and exhaustion. I'm so impressed with his study habits and work ethic and how he implements what he studies into his real life situations.

Clint, Jesse's younger brother, returned home from his mission in Sweden! His parents generously flew us home to Vancouver, Washington, for a surprise visit to hear his talk in church. Going back to your roots is always a good thing, especially when it involves so many family members. 

We flew home and the next day a few of them flew here! His parents and Clint stayed for a week to get the San Diego experience. It was a special experience to do sealings with Clereece and Clint, both of their first times, and to attend a temple session. There is such peace and clarity within those sacred walls. Jesse took a day off work and we explored Tijuana a little by foot. Next time we'll have to plan a little better and take a Mexican friend because the border can be pretty dangerous and baron. We also walked around the USS Midway which was so fascinating. A volunteer took us around for twenty minutes and explained aspects of the ship we hadn't seen. I left feeling so proud to be an American and grateful for the sacrifices our armed forces make.

Our new home is surrounded by great walking paths and I've found a nice 6 mile walk to go on every day. This few is just up the hill and it gets me every time. There's also a plant preservation park with all of these beautiful California cacti and trees. I love where we live! 
 Our ward building is about a mile away so I often walk home after church when Jesse has his meetings. Love my walks, just like my mom! And this is the hill I referenced above.

 Sadly, I shrunk our couch covers in the wash so we had to buy slightly expensive replacement covers from Ikea. Change is also fun though so we're not complaining too much about it. And here's a peak at our home. We painted all of the walls and ceilings as well as the fireplace and kitchen cabinets. Our last task is to get pictures on the wall but we're not in any rush!

And to round out our month of January, the Wilcox's came to visit! Jesse's oldest sister and husband, Heather and Vince, and their four kids: Caylee, Logan, Ian, and Owen. We love our nieces and nephews! More visits please! We both enjoyed their company and all of our conversations and adventures. I wish I lived closer to all of our family so we could continue to grow up together. I think that's why visits are so treasured- a time to reacquaint and support in each others victories and struggles. I'm reminded how beautiful Christlike love is- it's unconditional and expressive. How grateful we are for these relationships. 

What a face to end on right? Such a cute baby and beautiful family. I love they way they travel too- taking Vince's 82 suburban with only the occasional movie and all days travel of looking out the windows. Reminds me of my childhood! 

Until next time.

x Layne


  1. There's just something about a good walk. I love that there's a trail right by your place. Such a great season of your life right now, right? I hope the transition to your new ward gets better. Love you.


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