Our Baby Girl

First and foremost, our baby girl is due soon, July 31st via cesarean section since she is breach and unlikely to turn around. "Hurry up and wait" is how we're feeling for her arrival. The pregnancy itself has been a dream, sprinkled with bouts of nausea, major fatigue, and loss of appetite. I've found a five mile route from my front door that's packed with hills, vistas of the city and beach, and a nature preserve that I try to walk most days of the week. These walks have helped me keep sane and healthy and I'm grateful to have been able to walk so often. 

We were cautious to become pregnant again- as it's difficult to fully accept what is ahead of us. I know baby girl will be here soon and it will be all too real; for now our hearts are overjoyed and I'm sure very naive regarding our future.

For memories sake, here is a little progression of pictures from the last few months! 

X Layne 


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