Chula Vista

What the what?! Two days in a row of long Heidi afternoon naps. We're approaching three hours right now so opening this draft might be my trying my luck. Yesterday she slept for FOUR hours!!! Her usual naps are about an hour and a half long. Magic. 
Jesse closes the store tonight (he works at Deseret Industries) so he leaves 10:15 and gets home at 7:30. These kind of days mean long mornings- stay in bed as long as possible, go on a family walk, eat an actual breakfast. As we were lazily relaxing in bed this morning and listening out for Heidi I noticed that she was super quiet. Then I hear her shoes hitting the floor and running to our bed. She had put her shoes on by herself!! She was ready for the day to start, whether we were too or not. So we went for a walk and took a turn where we usually don't and found the most gorgeous view! 
Chula Vista means beautiful hill and that's exactly what opened up before us. Spring flowers and vibrant green stretched out with a church steeple in the distance and a cemetery too. We simultaneously remarked how it looked like Europe for us. I couldn't take my eyes off it (although Heidi could and she found the biggest bug to watch). We've lived here for three years and seen variations of this view but never from this angle. Downtown San Diego and the vast ocean was behind us with the most beautiful green hills in front of us. I loved it. I love it here. 


  1. Ah, this is why you had time to shower! Yay for long Heidi naps. She must be in a growth spurt or something. And I love that you and your family have this magical time in Chula Vista. #thesearethedays


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